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Parts Department

Clutches Faults and Failure Causes

We can supply Clutch Kits for most makes

Ring to order or check availability
01635 35355

All prices Exclude VAT @ 20%
 Delivery extra.

Fitting Service Available

Common Clutch faults are:

  • SLIP - Caused by oil on the friction plate or worn friction plate or some vehicles a badly adjusted clutch, the symptoms of clutch slip would be partial or total loss of drive, vehicle speed lower than normal compared with engine speed (higher than normal engine speed on rev counter particularly on boost for turbo engines).
  • JUDDER - Caused by warped friction plate, weak or broken springs in the friction plate hub, oil contamination, high spots/heat spots on flywheel, engine / gearbox mounts broken or the fitting of a lightened flywheel. The symptoms of this would be a shudder and vibration as vehicle moves off from rest.
  • DRAG - Clutch not at correct adjustment or friction plate sticking, lack of fluid in a hydraulic clutch system, fouling of the clutch pedal mechanism, warped friction plate or friction plate sticking on the splines, misaligned friction faces, siezed or partially siezed spigot bearing. The symptoms of this would be difficulty in obtaining gear, particularly first and reverse gears.
  • FIERCE - Usually caused by the type pf friction plate used in the clutch. Can also be partial seizure of the pedal linkage or contamination of fluid in the hydraulic operating system, Oil contamination on friction plate.

Common Driver faults are:

  • RIDING - Resting the foot on the clutch pedal whilst driving.
  • SLIPPING 1 - Holding the clutch half engaged to climb steep hills slowly for example a steep driveway.
  • SLIPPING 2 - Holding the clutch half engaged or slowly pumping the pedal up and down when stationary on a hill causing the car to rock forwards and roll back, using it as a brake instead of engaging the handbrake.

This applies even more so if you are running a sports clutch and higher horsepower

So now you know what will wear your clutch out you can buy your clutch here

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