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Car Service Information
Professional Servicing for Your Car
In Newbury, Berkshire and Surrounding Area

In addition to our specialist servicing we also offer basic car servicing to all makes at reasonable prices.

Car servicing in Newbury Berkshire has never been better. While you wait car service - comfortable service waiting room with WIFI. An office away from your office while your car gets serviced or drop your car off and pick it up from 45 minutes for a small lube service to a couple of hours for a "standard" oil, air, plugs car service.

All Car Servicing from £49
Petrol vehicles:

Small saloons and hatchbacks
Engine Oil 3.2 litres 10W/40 or 5W/30 Semi Synthetic
Engine Oil Filter
£49 including VAT and fitting

Medium saloons and hatchbacks
Engine Oil 4.1 litres 10W/40 or 5W/30 Semi Synthetic
Engine Oil Filter
Air Filter
Spark Plugs (4)
Fuel System Cleaner
Environmental disposal of old oil and filters
£169 including VAT and fitting

Diesel vehicles:

Small to medium saloons and hatchbacks
Engine Oil 4.1 litres 5W/40 Synthetic
Engine Oil Filter
Air Filter
Diesel Fuel Filter
Fuel System Cleaner
Environmental disposal of old oil and filters
£229 including VAT and fitting

The above prices is based on OE parts to maintain your warranty. To make the car service even cheaper we can also supply and fit aftermarket OE equivalent parts if required. Cheap but Quality car servicing at great prices. We will stamp your service book and reset any service lights following your service and we won't do any additional service work or any additional repair work to your car without getting your agreement first.

Unless otherwise instructed the following oils will be used :

Turbo Cars:
Engine: Motul 15W/50 Double Ester Base Fully Synthetic
Millers CFS10W/60 Triple Ester Fully Synthetic

Non Turbo Cars:
Engine: 10W/40 Semi Synthetic
5W/30 Semi Synthetic

Diesel Cars:
Engine: Motul 5W/40 ACEA C3 Fully Synthetic

All services include Fuel System Cleaner,
All services up to 60K an engine oil flush isrecommended at additional cost

Ask for Diesel Particulate Fiter (DPF) Regeneration Accelerator
Most modern diesel cars are equipped with a particulate filter. This is a device that filters the soot particles out of the exhaust to give a cleaner exhaust gas into the environment (not the smelly dirty exhaust of older diesel vehicles). This filter (called a DPF for short) needs regular cleaning and by that we do not mean you need to remove the exhaust and give it a bath!

Some cars are fitted with an additive which is injected into the exhuat at periodic times and others will regenerate (clean) the DPF when the vehicle is being driven at higher revs for longer periods of time (such as on a motorway). If you only ever drive your car for short journeys or only in town then the DPF may never get hot enough to burn off the soot and regenerate itself. If this happens then eventually the DPF will become so clogged with soot that is cannot regenerate and may have to be replaced at a cost uf several hunderd pounds. A special additive can be put into your fuel can allow your DPF to regenerate at lower temperatures. If you regularly drive only in town or short journeys ask for diesel particulate regeneration additive for your car at the next service.

Between services

Between services it is recommended that you regularly check the engine oil, coolant, brake, clutch and windscreen washer levels. You should also check tyre pressures and ensure all lights and indicators are fully functional.

Note: during the new vehicle "running-in period" - the first 3000m (5,000km), it is normal for engines to consume increased engine oil - this obviously means it is even more important to check and maintain fluid levels in the early stages of new vehicle ownership or engine rebuild.

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