Subaru 4 You Exedy Stage 1 Sports Clutch kits 240mm

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Subaru Impreza STi 6 Speed
2001-2005 Sport Clutch Kits
Subaru Exedy Stage 1 240mm Clutch Kits

This is Genuine Exedy Subaru STi Stage 1 Sports Clutch Kit

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Exedy Stage 1 240mm Sports Clutch kits

Subaru Newage STi 6 Speed Sport Rated Exedy ORGANIC Clutch Kit
Single Plate 6 Speed 240mm organic Exedy clutch kit
Pink Box Subaru STi up to 330 Lb/ft Torque
Clutch Plate
Clutch Cover
Release Bearing

Exedy Stage 1 Reduced Judder Pink Box Clutch Organic


Rated up to 320 Lb/Ft Torque
More drivability for everyday use than the stage 1 full sport

Exedy Stage 1 Full Sport Pink Box Clutch Organic


Rated up to 330 Lb/Ft Torque
Much less tolerant of riding and slipping. Requires Quicker take up.

Fitting Service Available.
Later newage vehicles will need gearbox oil replacement
and recommended slave cylinder modification

Sports clutches are warranted for 6 months/6000 miles whichever comes first.


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