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Parts Department

Consumables & Service Parts
NF Octane Booster

Ring to order or check availability
01635 35355

All prices Exclude VAT @ 20%
 Delivery extra.

Image (for display purposes only) Product details and price
water wetter

Octane Booster

For high compression and performance engines
Up to 6 RON increase
Treats up to 6 tank refills
NF bottles have a child proof lid.  ALL NF products contain an upper cylinder lubricant and fuel stabiliser which gives EVEN fuel burn, reduces vibration, pre-ignition, pinging and overheating.
It's unique, it works, it's very affordable, and it's achieving amazing results.
The results are not only just in performance with more power gains, but better throttle response, better fuel economy, smoother & cooler running engines and easier starting.  Nitrous formula with Vitane or Viscon(TM)
  • Safe environmentally friendly octane boosters
  • Prevents carbon build-up
  • Keeps valves and combustion chambers clean
  • Engine is easier to start and runs smoother
  • Gives more power and better fuel economy
  • Reduces Knocks, Pinging and Hesitation
  • Increases acceleration & performance
  • Reduces hesitations & engine temperatures
  • Can be used in any hydrocarbon fuels
  • Safe for oxygen sensors & catalytic converters
  • Instantly increases octane rating

NF Black Race  £12.50

All prices Exclude VAT @ 20%
 Delivery extra.

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